Fundraising | Personalized High School Blanket | Parent Approved

We provide a unique personalized and customized 100% jersey knit blanket that is designed to each school environment.  This memorable item is a quick-growing fundraising item among the school settings and provides a fun way to gain funds for your establishment.  Faculty is enjoying the extra funds as parents are enjoying being able to personalized such a beautiful item for their children especially while representing their school.  To get the students involved, we offer a contest for all students to participate in during the promotion.  Any student wanting to participate will provide their best drawing that represents their school and is blanket worthy.  One student is chosen to get their design printed on a blanket.     

Fundraising is an important aspect of any community that serves the needs of others.  We offer a variety of items that provides an avenue to gain funds for your establishment to be able to advance in those areas in need.  Contact our office via email or phone for more information.  We are here to help and assist.  We only service schools within the United States.    

Your Sugar Stock, LLC