TN.10.10 - Nashville Municipal Auditorium

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On October 4th, 2019, Gov. Bill Lee proclaimed October 10th to be a day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting for all of Tennessee.  He stated, "On that day, Maria and I will take the day to offer prayers of healing, prayers of forgiveness, prayers of thanksgiving and prayers of hope for our state and for the 6.7 million who call Tennessee home," Lee said. "We invite all Tennesseans to join with us in their homes, in their communities and their places of worship to fast and to pray for God’s favor and blessing of people of Tennessee."


Your Sugar Stock participated in this day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting along with our Governor Bill Lee and his wife Maria.  As we gathered at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, we also encountered thousands of Tennesseans that sought out the Lord God Almighty through prayer and fasting that day.  It was a beautiful Thursday evening in Nashville and the auditorium was perfectly prepared for worshiping and repenting souls.  We sang and worshiped to the Lord and repented as a whole for the way we so selfishly live our lives.  We asked God for His forgiveness and for His blessing and favor upon our state and our nation.  We thanked Him for His matchless love and goodness. 

As a commemoration of the day we created a new tee shirt for all who participated.  It's available in a black or gray unisex shirt for both men and women to enjoy. 



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