The University Blanket

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I've been working in a local school with a group of Educational Assistants and children that I've grown to love as I've gotten to know them over the last six months.  One of the EAs has a niece that has just graduated from high school and about three months ago I shared our graduation blanket with her and recommended it as a gift for her.  She was excited about ordering and said she planned to do so soon.  However, after talking with her son she learned that her niece is completely over high school and has brought out [all things college].  So, instead of a memorabilia blanket she had been thinking of something else.

Last week, as we talked, she asked if a University Blanket was something I could put together for her.  I told her that I would be delighted to create that and gathered her niece's information and set out that evening to design it.  And, thus, the University Blanket began here on Your Sugar Stock.  We are so proud to introduce this personalized blanket for any University student.  You need only to supply the required information and we will put a perfect blanket together for you. 



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