Perry Stone Fall Festival 2019 Takeaway

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Participating at the Perry Stone Fall Festival as a vendor was an exciting day for us.  We met some wonderful people throughout the day and gained positive feed back about our products.  We are even more pumped about what we are offering here at Your Sugar Stock.


It has always been important to us for our products to bring light with the message of God's goodness and love in to this world.  Since we are in some dark times as we're approaching the second coming of Christ we hope that you'll find our Sainthood Originals apparel a nice addition to your daily living for Christ.  We're not ashamed to share the message of the goodness of God and what He has done for us through Jesus Christ our Lord or what His Word says. He's so amazing! 

During the festival, God brought some incredible people to our booth.  We had one lady that owns a Christian Book store approach us and asked to work with us on a wholesale basis.  Completely unexpected, but we're totally open to it.  We traded information and I look forward to working with her in the near future.  Also, a wholesale provider approached me regarding vinyl and offered me a better deal on high quality vinyls that I'm currently purchasing for our designs.  I refuse to use cheap products so this was welcomed and we traded information.  I look forward to ordering from him in the near future.  There is so many things that happened while we were here.  God is so good to us.  I thank Him for his loving-kindness toward our business and toward our efforts to get connected to our community.   

Walking with friends during your ventures makes for fun and excitement during your task and interactions.  I'm so thankful I was able to do this festival with my dear friend Angela and my mother Barbara.  We truly had an incredible time setting up, meeting new people, selling our products, gaining new connections, and being apart of the Perry Stone Fall Festival for 2019.  We are looking forward to next year and all it has in store for our little business.



Many blessings,

Your Sugar Stock 

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