Disney Senior Trip 2019 T-Shirt

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My niece and I designed a shirt together for her and some of her friends to wear on their graduation trip to Disney.  I had not quite gotten into designing t-shirts just yet so this was a wonderful way to get familiar with the process and learn how to use my design platform within [adobe photoshop].  I began using photoshop about two months ago and it is one of the most wonderful editing programs I have ever used.

We had the most incredible time working together and figuring out how to use some of the features.  We had to reference YouTube a few times to get more details and once we got a few editing tools down pat is was super easy to finish up the main project.  I will forever remember this special day with my niece.  I could tell she was just as hooked as I am on editing things and wanting to learn more in Adobe Photoshop.     


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